The Role of Infrastructure Utilization and Connectivity on Economic Performance in Kenya-DP258

Prepared By Victor Mose (KIPPRA) - 2023

The study investigates infrastructure inadequacies in Kenya, which slows down economic performance, by assessing the linkages between the sub-regional economic performance and infrastructure connectivity and services. It uses infrastructureled theory to lay the foundation for the nexus between economic performance and infrastructure. The study fills a major gap in the country and literature, since there are no studies that have assessed the effects of connectivity and utilization of infrastructure network to economic growth in Kenya, and the studies that have made such attempts in other jurisdictions have various limitations, including choice of variables and scope of infrastructure. Regression analysis is...


Kenya - Country Commercial Guide

Prepared By U.S. International Trade Administration - 2022

The construction industry in Kenya is driven primarily by two key infrastructure sectors: transportation and building/housing. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is responsible for policy initiatives and actions with respect to roads, aviation, maritime, rail, housing, and urban development.

According to the Kenya Economic Survey 2022, the Kenyan construction industry grew by only 6.6% in 2021, a decline from 10.1% in 2020 and an indication of a slowdown in the short term. The sector is expected to maintain a growth rate of 6% in the near term as it shakes off the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth will...


Access to Maize Retail Markets and the Impacts of Rural Road Infrastructure in Kenya

Prepared By Evelyne Nyathira Kihiu and James Njiraini Gachanja (KIPPRA) - 2022

Kenya Urban Sanitation Market Overview

Prepared By The Impact Programme, Open Capital Advisors, Athena Infonomics - 2021

This market research report, and its companion report focused on India, submitted under the IMPACT Programme, aims to build evidence about the investability of private urban sanitation markets. This report focuses on the urban sanitation market in Kenya and systematically studies the potential for investments in private enterprises along the sanitation value chain. The report is the output of the first of three phases and will help enable investors to understand barriers that currently exist in deploying commercial and development investments into urban sanitation. It reviews key attributes unique to sanitation business models that help or deter their access to...