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Popular Categories

Economic Data

Data on the past and current state of economies in the region presented in a time-series to facilitate identification of key trends and forecasting for critical business planning.

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Country Data

Comprehensive country data sets containing headline economic indicators and forecasts vital to economic, financial, and budget models and hard-edged analysis of country economic health and prospects.

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Market Surveys

Investigations into the state of the market and business landscape of specific products and services, focused on analyses of consumer trends, needs and preferences.

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Market outlooks

Detailed five-year country specific forecasts for the economy based on past performance, prevailing economic factors, consumer demand and opinion. Provide analysis on economic growth, trade, politics, commodities and the business environment.

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Market Assessment

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of specific markets looking into customer segments and buying patterns, competition and the economic environment including barriers to entry and regulation.

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Framework Analyses

Analyses of the external environments of various sectors and their impact focussed on political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors.

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Sector Analysis

Comprehensive sector analyses with data on growth, business cycle trends, profitability analysis, technological environment, key economic indicators, human capital trends, policy and regulatory environment.

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Country Analysis

Country specific in-depth analysis and forecasts on key political and economic conditions and trends

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