Agriculture Sector Constraints and Opportunities for Enhanced Growth

Prepared By American Chamber of Commerce in Kenya - 2023

This policy position paper presents an analysis of key policy hurdles and positions in the Agriculture Sector. These policy hurdles were identified in preceding policy scoping reports that involved in-depth desktop research, including a literature review of documentation from public sources, which informs key statistics in the report. An analysis of existing Agriculture policies was carried out, highlighting priorities and current gaps, as well as an analysis of the commercial landscape, which underscores the sector’s opportunities and risks. The results of the scoping/analysis were presented to Chamber members and other key stakeholders for validation and review. The policy positions presented...


Beekeeping: Making Money From Bees

Prepared By Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board (KYEB) and The State Department for Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development - 2023

Bees are loved and feared in equal measure. A majority of people love them because of the honey they produce while they are feared because of the sting. Well, bees are man’s best friend if you don’t provoke them, and there are many reasons to love than fear them. To begin with, do you know that if bees disappear from the surface of the earth, man will only have four years to live? Without bees, there would be no pollination and without pollination, there would be no food. Second, bees produce various products, from honey to propolis and beeswax, which...


Kenya Crop Conditions Bulletin (April 2023)

Prepared By Republic of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development - 2023

Crop conditions are favourable across the country for maize, wheat, rice and beans due to rains received in April. Kitui reported exceptional crop performance for all crops. Weeding and topdressing were the main activities with counties in North rift reporting planting as rains were received in April • Wheat is in early vegetative stages in Narok and Nakuru while in north rift it is expected to begin in May/ June. General crop performance is good due to the adequate rains received in most areas. Leaching reported in low lying areas in Meru and FAW in Baringo putting the counties under...



Prepared By AmCham Kenya - 2023

The agriculture sector, which comprises crops, livestock, fisheries, and agroforestry, remains the backbone of Kenya’s economy, contributing the largest share of the country’s GDP, at 35% in 2020 and providing livelihood to approximately 75% of the population. In 2020, agriculture contributed $34.9 billion to the country’s GDP an increase from $33.2 billion in 2019. The sector accounts for 65% of Kenya’s exports and almost 20% of formal employment. This market survey maps emerging opportunities, the business environment and investment climate in Kenya’s agribusiness sector.


Assessing the Implementation of Marine Fisheries Programmes under the Blue Economy Platform

Prepared By Judy Kaaria and Cynthia Chelimo (KIPPRA) - 2022

The Blue Economy is one of the critical economies for economic transformation in the country. This paper assesses the status of implementation of the Blue Economy initiatives in the MTP III 2018-2022 and the 2018 Sustainable Blue Economy conference commitments for marine fisheries in Kenya using the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) framework. The programmes in the MTP III and 2018 Blue Economy conference form the nine pillars for analysis including: Pillar 1-Development of Blue Economy; Pillar 2-Fisheries Infrastructure Development and Exploitation of Living Resources under Blue Economy; Pillar 3-Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Development; Pillar 4-Aquaculture Business Development...